Finally, the details on Romney’s Tax Plan. Well, better late than never!

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Finally, we have a clear statement from Governor Romney on how he can offer a $5 trillion tax cut, raise military spending and still reduce the national debt without putting a $3 trillion tax burden on the middle class. Read all about it:

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It’s Live! Tonight! A perfect complement to the Debate. Me. Live on Twitter! follow

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I’m tweeting minute by minute tonight during the debate! Follow me @obamawatches for raw, humorous, retweetable fun!

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Romney’s debating had a lot of style. Not a lot of substance. Or truth!

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Romney’s performance at the debate may have had style, but once again he lied to voters about his plans to hurt the middle class.  Romney didn’t tell the American people the truth about his plans for taxes, education, health care, Medicare because he knows they would hurt the middle class.The President knows that if you want to be president you owe the American people the truth. So here’s the truth: Governor Romney cannot pay for his $5 trillion tax plan without blowing up the deficit or sticking it to the middle class....

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It’s true. The President Lost the First Debate to Pinocchio!

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        Because the best man for President of the United Staates is the President of the United States. And that’s no lie!           

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What President Obama Has Accomplished in 100 Seconds

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The next time somebody questions what President Obama has accomplished, ask them if they have 100 seconds to spare.

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47% Percenters Get 25% Off Obama Watches. See If You Qualify.

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We want to see President Obama get re-elected even more than we want to sell you an Obama Watch! (All right, maybe it’s a tie.) That’s why we’re making this unprecedented offer: From now until Nov. 6, 47% Percenters can save 25% on Obama Watches! Use Coupon Code America to save 25%. See if you qualify for this excusive offer. 47% Percenters Include: People who pay taxes People who love America Mothers, fathers and anyone who has ever cried “Uncle” People who live in Battleground states: FL, CO. Iowa, NH, VA, Ohio, Wis, Nev, NC Teachers,...

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Romney Ryan. Another good reason to Vote for President Obama.

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Most people think that because I make Obama Watches I probably support the President on every issue. I don’t. Nevertheless I wholeheartedly support Obama/Biden, not Romney/Ryan. Why? First of all, I believe that only one person is truly experienced enough to “run the country” for 4 years. That person is the current President, the only one who has had on-the-job training. It takes 4 years and granted, some mistakes, to know what America needs for the next 4 years. Romney, to me, is so out of touch with ordinary Americans that...

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Why I Support Obama – Transcript of the Picture

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This is the transcript of the poster I published with the previous blog article from August 7th. Why I Support Obama- 1. For 30 years I’ve heard politicians talking about health care reform, and he’s the first one to do something about it. The Affordable Care Act removes restrictions on pre-existing conditions, makes health care more affordable for small businesses, raises the age at which children can be on their parents’ policies, removes lifetime caps, and more. With the possible exception of insurance execs, who would...

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Why I support Obama. Not only to sell presidential watches

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Everyone has their own reasons for supporting the President’s re-election. And all of us at Obama Watches each have our own reasons. And certainly, to be fair and transparent, there are many who support an opposing point of view. But, Hell, let the latter get their own blog. I don’t see them selling any watches, do you? My support goes beyond selling presidential watches I thought this poster was one person’s excellent explanation of why she supports President Obama. I don’t know name of the person who created it. If...

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Happy 51st Birthday President Barack Obama by Marilyn Monroe

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Today, August 4, 2012, Erika Smith, Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean impersonator, wishes our President Barack Obama a very Happy 51st Birthday. This video birthday card pays tribute to our beloved Marilyn as Erika sports her equally famous feather boa while featuring four of our presidential watches. Each watch has been designed by an artist and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Marilyn features these Barack Obama presidential watches from our collection. From left to right are: The “COOL” Barack Around The Clock. We want to...

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