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47% Percenters Get 25% Off Obama Watches. See If You Qualify.

We want to see President Obama get re-elected even more than we want to sell you an Obama Watch! (All right, maybe it’s a tie.) That’s why we’re making this unprecedented offer:

From now until Nov. 6, 47% Percenters can save 25% on Obama Watches! Use Coupon Code America to save 25%.

See if you qualify for this excusive offer. 47% Percenters Include:

  • People who pay taxes
  • People who love America
  • Mothers, fathers and anyone who has ever cried “Uncle”
  • People who live in Battleground states: FL, CO. Iowa, NH, VA, Ohio, Wis, Nev, NC
  • Teachers, firefighters, police and members of the Armed Services
  • People who believe in truth, justice and the American way
  • Anyone named Phyllis, Steve or Taisha
  • People who believe in the importance of education
  • People who love clean air and clean water
  • People who believe in equal rights for all
  • People who are responsible for their own actions
  • Anyone who lives in the 48 states (Suggestion sent in by Sarah Palin)
  • People who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of Happy Meals.
  • And anyone who was born on a day ending in “y”

HURRY! This offer ends Nov.6 when President Obama is re-elected. Don’t miss your chance to own this valuable, historical, once-in-a-lifetime collectible!

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