Frequently Annoying Questions

Q. Didn’t you make a mistake naming this section? Didn’t you mean to call it “Frequently Asked Questions?”
A. No, the name is correct.

Q. Then why do you call it Frequently Annoying Questions?
A. Oh, we’re annoyed you’re asking a question. You should be buying a watch!

Q. But won’t this section help people order an Obama Watch?
A. One would hope.

Q. Do you give any of the money you make on this site to the Obama campaign?
A. No, we use it all to buy beer.

Q. Seriously?
A. No, of course not, we also buy some wine.

Q. OK, now you’re just kidding me, right?
A. Right, we’re actually not allowed to donate money to a political campaign because we’re a corporation. If we were a lying, cheating PAC (Political Action Committee), then it would be OK.

Q. How come you don’t sell Mitt Romney watches?
A. We don’t want him to win.

Q. Do you think you think your watch company can actually affect the outcome of who wins the 2012 Presidential election.?
A. Yes

Q. You do? Do you have any proof ?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you mind showing me now?
A. Sure. In 2008, Barack Obama ran for President. In 2008, we sold 14 different Obama Watches.

Q. How about some questions about buying an Obama Watch?
A. Be my guest. I’m ready.

Q. Why does it take two to four weeks- to ship out orders?
A. We’re busy.

Q. Seriously?
A. Seriously.

Q. Busy doing what?
A. We’re busy shipping orders. Look, we have a great product and a really cool, well-designed, historic, collectible watch. But sometimes we sell Obama Watches so fast we run out of one or more particular styles.

Q. How can you get watches from China that fast?
A. All Obama Watches except for FlipWatches are made in the US of A.

Q. America?
A. One and the same. Now we do use Japanese parts because they make great watches.But lousy beetles.

Q. What does it mean when you say these are Limited Edition watches?
A. They’re limited by how many we can sell. No, I’m kidding you again. It’s gets boring answering questions all day long, so sometimes I kid.

Q. That makes sense.
A. That’s not a question.

Q. Oops. But are they really Limited Edition?
A. Yes, in 2008 our production run of each Obama Watch was 5,000 watches. In 2012, will not make more than 10,000 Watches of any one style, except for the Barack Around the Clock Watch.

Q. How many of those will you sell?
A. We don’t really know. But we’ve said our production limit for Barack Around the Clock is 20,000 watches.

Q. Why so many?
A. It’s a really cool watch and we wanted to make sure everybody who wanted one could get one.

Q. Cool. Here’s another question. Do you stand behind your watches?
A. Well, no we don’t. But our watch manufacturer, Image Watches, does.

Q. Would you mind explaining that further?
A. If your watch fails to be accurate…

Q. Like Mitt Romney?
A. Exactly. If you watch stops working properly and you didn’t abuse it, Image Watch will repair or replace it free. But you must return it with the blue Limited Lifetime Warranty that came with your watch and you must follow all the rules as they are clearly spelled out.

Q. That’s a pretty good guarantee.
A. Again, not a question.

Q. What about returning the watch? Can it be returned?
A. Yes, but you must return it to Obama Watch Customer Service within two weeks of your receiving the watch.

Q. What is the address of Obama Watch Customer Service?
A. Obama Watch Customer Service, 113 McHenry Road, #235, Buffalo Grove, Il 60089.

Q. Is there a Customer Service Number I can call if I have any questions?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you mind giving it to me?
A. No.

Q. Would you mind giving it to me now?
A. Sure. Obama Watch Customer Service phone number is: 224-279-1616.

Q. Do you have any store policies?
A. Yes, you can’t bring food into the dressing room.

Q. You don’t have a dressing room, do you?
A. No, but if we did, don’t even think of bringing food into it.

Q. OK, now I think you’re straying a little far afield. People just want to know about Obama Watches
A. Ask me anything.

Q. I think that’s all the questions I have for now, OK?
A. Sure, that’s good, because you know, you were starting to get annoying.