Store Policies

At Einstein, da Vinci & Goldenberg, the parent company of OBAMA WATCHES.COM, we live by the Goldenberg Rule. That means, since Goldenberg likes to be happy, you should be happy too. With your purchases, that is. (If you’re not happy in general, well, we really can’t do anything about that, now can we?)

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your watch for any reason, return it to us within two weeks of date it was delivered to you, and we’ll refund the purchase price of the watch.

Will your money be cheerfully refunded? Oh, I don’t know how cheerful we’ll be about it. After all, we did lose a sale. But we will refund your purchase price if you follow the instructions above carefully concocted by our sneaky, but fair lawyers.

What? You’d like up to three months to return your watch for a full refund. Sorry, we can’t do that. Goldenberg is fair, but he’s not stupid.

Sales Tax in New Jersey

Shipments made to the State of New Jersey in this fine country of ours can expect to pay their fair share (in this case 7% sales tax).


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