Obama Collectible Watches

We’re not currently accepting orders.  But we will soon!  Check back often.  Or contact us (info@obamawatches.com) and we’ll let you know when we’re ready.

The Smithsonian Has 3 Obama Watches. Obama Has 5.  Shouldn’t You Own One?


Limited Edition Obama Collectible Watches are historical artefacts from what seems like such a distant time. Back when we respected the President and he respected us. All of us.

Don’t miss an opportunity to buy a truly Limited Edition artefact of President Obama’s historic presidency. Pretty soon, they’ll be Going, Going, Gone!  Already, classic Obama Watches like “Love Your Mama. Vote Obama.”, “Yes We Can” and the “Illustrated Obama” are practically SOLD OUT.

Since 2008, we’ve produced 31 different Limited Edition Obama Watches. But we never produced more than 400 of any one brand. So to own one of these historical artefacts is truly rare. Now, with less than 200 left, we’re almost out of time. And if you don’t buy one soon, you’ll be out of luck.

Obama Watches. The watches museums collect.