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Romney Ryan. Another good reason to Vote for President Obama.

Most people think that because I make Obama Watches I probably support the President on every issue. I don’t. Nevertheless I wholeheartedly support Obama/Biden, not Romney/Ryan.

On Preseidential Watch for 2012Why? First of all, I believe that only one person is truly experienced enough to “run the country” for 4 years. That person is the current President, the only one who has had on-the-job training. It takes 4 years and granted, some mistakes, to know what America needs for the next 4 years.

Romney, to me, is so out of touch with ordinary Americans that I think he’d be a disastrous president. He reminds me of the first President Bush who saw a bar code years after most people in America knew what it was, but he had no idea what it was for. Or his son, the other President Bush, who responded to hurricane Katrina two days after most Americans would have sent in help.

Now I do believe in less government which is more a Republican idea than a Democrat one and I think we should start by firing our do nothing Senators and Congressmen/women. What a waste of time, money and opportunity most of them are! I am sure there are some conscientious lawmakers, but I’m ashamed of how both parties fail to act in America’s interest time and again.

Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that Republicans were anti-anything and everything Obama from Day 1. I get the feeling that even if they agreed with Obama they still insist on blocking his every move, appointment and legislative idea.

Of course, the Republicans idea of “less government” would solely benefit business interests. They’d get rid of every regulation including the ones that were put on the books to protect consumers from “Business Gone Wild”.

They’d eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education two less than perfect entities than still do a lot of good.

Women’s rights and gay rights would be set back too.

So, I support the President’s re-election because I think he’s the best man for the job.

And I have another reason for supporting Obama/Biden over Romney/Ryan.

I’d sell a Hell of a lot more Obama Presidential Watches!

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