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The Presidential Years Watch

Since the 2008 campaign, we’ve produced over 30 Limited Edition Obama Watches. Some have been highly successful, like “Love Your Mama. Vote Obama” and “Yes We Can” in 2008 and “Barack Around The Clock”  in 2013.

Some, like “Llamas for Obama” and “Bo, the First Puppy, In Bones, We Trust” were not that well received. (Gee, we still don’t understand why!)

It’s not just discerning Obama fans that have purchased Obama Watches to wear and pass down to future generations. They’re also collected by the nation’s top museums, too.

Three Limited Edition Obama Watches are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian and a dozen Obama Watches from the 2008 campaign are in the Newseum, the national museum of the newspaper industry in DC.

If you were lucky enough to have purchased a Limited Edition Obama Watch  in 2008, they’ve gone up substantially in value. But that’s not why Obama Watches so priceless.

They’re important reminders of the historic nature of our nation’s first African–American president who worked so hard for the American people. And they celebrate the achievements, against all odds, of President Barack Obama.


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