Obama Watches were a viral word-of-mouth campaign that played a small role helping elect Barack Obama. All right, a very small role! But we definitely were heard. In 2008, we sold 11 different Obama for President watches and 3 different inaugural watches in 48 states and 8 foreign countries.

In 2008, Obama Watches were produced in very limited quantity. No more than 500 watches were produced in each category. Sometimes we produced as few as 25 prototypes. In the case of FlipWatches, only 100 Obama Biden FlipWatches and 200 Obama Inaugural FlipWatches were produced

That’s why Obama Watches have gone up so much in value! As time goes on and quantities decrease, the price for Obama watches will increase.

The Original Smiley Face Watch and the Red, White and Blue Smiley Face watch each sold for $60 in 2008. They now sell for as much as $200.

In 2012, Obama watches had a production run of no more than 500 watches each!And in cases where we undersold our initial estimates, we produced far fewer watches.

Obama watches are truly a Limited Edition Collectible honoring a very historic event, the elecion and re-election of President Barack Obama!