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Why I support Obama. Not only to sell presidential watches

Everyone has their own reasons for supporting the President’s re-election. And all of us at Obama Watches each have our own reasons. And certainly, to be fair and transparent, there are many who support an opposing point of view. But, Hell, let the latter get their own blog. I don’t see them selling any watches, do you?

My support goes beyond selling presidential watches

I thought this poster was one person’s excellent explanation of why she supports President Obama. I don’t know name of the person who created it. If any of my Readers known where it originated from, please let me know. I will check it out and post it on this blog.

Or better yet, add your own comments. Leaving a comment helps me out because Google gives credit the more a blog is linked to. The more credit, the more traffic. The more traffic, hell, you can figure that one out.

So here’s the poster I am proud to repost:

I would love to find out who originated this poster, Why I support Obama
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