Guidelines Design Your Own

Guidelines for Designing Your Own Obama Watch

MOST IMPORTANT: What you draw or write is what you’ll get. We’re going to produce your Obama watch so it looks exactly like the way you created it.

1. Create an Obama for President watch design you really like, something you will be proud to say you created. Sure it helps if you’re an artist, but you don’t have to be one to have a Stroke of Genius.

Don’t order a watch until you’re proud of the Obama Watch you created.

Then again, don’t wait to long. The election is not that far away,

2. The landscape of a watch is very small. The fewer words, the better. The larger the images, the better.

If your design is 3-4 times the size of a watch, be sure to reduce it to see what it would look like if it were  the size of a normal man’s watch, about one inch in diameter.

3.  Colors get darker when the watch design shrinks. And a skinny white line that looks great when the watch is 3-4 times actual size, will disappear when we print the watch.

4. From wherever you think the edge of your design is, let the background extend out about 3 inches. Do not indicate or draw a circle around your design. We will know where to crop it.

5. Be careful about putting words or important parts of your design too close to the edge. It might get cut off.

6.   Your design must be saved as a pdf and the image must be a minimum of 320 dpi. Do I know what that means? No, but you should. If you don’t, check with an art director, designer or any young person.

7. Can’t draw? Just use words. How about: “Mitt Romney. Another good reason to vote for Obama.”

8.  Have fun. Do something colorful. Be creative. Be proud. Be patriotic. Make President Obama proud. Make your future generations proud.

9.  If you have any questions e-mail: info@obama Be sure to include your phone number in case we decide to call you.

10. Your one-of-a-kind Obama Watch will arrive about three weeks after you order it. Or you can pay to have it delivered sooner by FedeX or USPS.

Design Your Own Obama Watch   $75

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