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Presidential Watches? Obama’s got five of them in a box under his bed!

I’m pretty sure President Obama has the five Obama for President watches I gave him in 2008 in a shoebox under his bed in the White House.

I really did give Barack Obama 5 presidential watches. I had been selling Obama for President Watches online in 2008 and one day I got a call from a member of the Democratic National Committee asking me if I’d like to give Senator Obama one my watches. They told me they wanted me to give it to him at a fundraiser in Philadelphia.

Smiley Face 2008 Obama Presidentail Watch
Smiley Face 2008 Obama Presidentail Watch

On a hot July night, I was in a room with 35-45 people who had donated $40,000 each, or $80,000 a couple, to meet and great candidate Obama in a private setting.

Me? I was donating 5 Obama Presidential Watches. In cheesy gold boxes.

The “$40,000 a handshake” crowd and I were ushered into a private room. Candidate Obama arrived about half an hour late. We had been grouped in a circles and Candidate Obama worked the crowd, shaking hands, but not staying more than 20-30 seconds chatting with any person or couple.

When he got to me, I went to hand him 5 really cool Obama for President watches, including, my favorite at that time, the “Love Your Mama. Vote Obama.” watch.

Before I could hand the watches to Senator Obama, the Secret Service grabbed them out of my hands and took them into another room. They emerged 10 minutes later, handing the 5 Obama Watches to an Obama aide.

A serious looking Secret Service guy wearing sun glasses walked over to me, smiled very briefly, then winked at me and said, “Pretty cool watches.”

I’m pretty sure President Obama keeps the 5 Obama watches I gave him in a shoebox under his bed in the White House. I hope he doesn’t use my coupon code to save money on my 2010 Collection of Obama Watches. But if he does, I will honor it.

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