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It’s not just the economy stupid. It’s the Republicans, stupid!

The Republicans are right that the main issue in the 2012 Presidential Election is the economy. But what they aren’t telling the American people is that they’ve fought the President’s proposals on the economy for 4 years now, even though doing nothing was worse that doing something. They were even willing to let the American automobile industry go bankrupt, rather than rev up the economy

The President proposed a plan to help with the housing and mortgage crisis. The Party of No said, “No.”  The President proposed adding millions of jobs by rebuilding America’s fragile infrastructure. The Party of No said, “No.”

Watch Obama At His First Press Conference
President Obama’s first press conference

Recently, the President proposed using the half of the billions of dollars we weren’t going to have to spend on the War in Iraq to prop up our fragile economy.  The Party once again said, “No.”

It makes you wonder what the Party of No would say “Yes.” You think if I offered them a discount on Obama Watches, they’d say “No?” Heck, they’d probably say “Yes” to that. I should tell them about our “Mitt Romney Changed his Mind” Sale on our Deal of the Day We page. Nah! Let ‘e pay full price . They can afford it and we can use the money to keep spreading our viral campaign to re-elect Obama.

There is still much that needs to be done in America regarding our economy. But to give the reins of government back to the Party whose policies helped sink the American economy would be a tragic mistake. On Tuesday, November 6, Democrats, independents and even fair-minded Republicans should put America first and vote to re-elect President Barack Obama, telling the Party of No, “No!”

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