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George Bush Endorses Obama Presidential Watches

It’s true! George Bush endorses Obama Presidential Watches! Yes, THAT George Bush! The one who used to live in a White House. The same George Bush who endorsed Obama Watches in the 2008 campaign.

Now we know there might be some confusion since George Bush is a relatively common name. That’s why we want to assure you that we’re talking about the George Bush who lives in a white house in Belvidere, NJ. Not that other George Bush he’s sometimes confused with.

Our George Bush didn’t screw up the economy. He’s too smart for that. That’s why he protects his own economy by capturing rainwater in a barrel in his backyard. He recycles that rainwater for use in his own house.

George Bush standing in front of his white house wearing his Obama watch

Back in 2008, the George Bush we contacted agreed that, “It’s time for a change.” We haven’t spoken to him recently, but we hope he’s changed his tune because now that Obama has been in office for almost four years, we think “It’s not time for a change.” Unless, of course, you’re talking about changing Congress to give the majority in the House back to the Democrats. That would certainly help President Obama get through the kind of legislation we need to turn the economy around and put through the kind of progressive plan that would help America get back on track.

While we’re at it, we’d also like to thank the many grass roots groups who support President Obama’s re-election and Democrats across AMerica. We’re proud that instead of having the support of political fat cats like the Party of No!, we support real grass roots organizations like Get Out Dem Votes, who’ve done an excellent job supporting Democratic candidates!

President Obama is fortunate to have groups like Get Out Dem Votes support his re-election. And Obama Watches is fortunate to had THIS George Bush support their effort to re-elect President Obama.

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