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Obama Buys Presidential Watches. Mitt Buys Twitter followers

OK, which is true? Did President Obama buy Obama for President watches or did Mitt Romney recently buy Twitter followers. Well, we know one is true and we’re not sure about the other one.

We’re sure President Obama didn’t buy any Obama Watches because he doesn’t have to. As the President of Obama Watches, I personally handed then-Senator Barack Obama 5 Obama Watches in 2008 at the request of the Democratic National Committee. And if he wanted more, I’d be happy to give them to him.

But it does appear that Mitt Romney’s campaign may have purchased 140,000 Twitter followers over the last weekend. The Republican presidential nominee gained 116,000 Twitter followers last Friday and another 24,00 on Saturday.

Mitt Romney’s campaign proved you can “Buy friends and Influence People” if there reports are true that Camp Romney purchased over 100, 000 Twitter followers this past weekend

The huge jump in Twitter followers was noticed by Zach Green who runs, a Web site that monitors social media activity in politics. It is possible that someone other than Mitt Romney’s campaign may have purchased the Twitter followers to embarrass Romney. But then again, Romney has proved time and again he doesn’t need any help embarrassing himself.

And to be fair, the Romney campaign said they didn’t purchase any Twitter followers and they’ve reached out to Twitter to figure out who purchased the Tweetsters.

Even with the large increase in Twitter followers the Romney camp scored this weekend, he remains far behind President Obama who has 17.8 million Twitter followers.

One reason there may be truth to the report that presidential candidate Romney purchased Twitter followers is that the billionaires supporting Romney’s campaign were instrumental in getting the Supreme Court to change campaign finance regulations so organization could form political action committee and hide the millions of dollars they contribute to the campaign.

So while we don’t know yet for sure that Romney’s campaign purchased 140,000 Twitter followers, we do know they are doing all they can to buy the election. And that’s something worth Tweeting about.

6 thoughts on “Obama Buys Presidential Watches. Mitt Buys Twitter followers

  1. These watches are wonderful and what I especially like about them: They tell time! You can create your own one-of-a-kind timepiece. Clever and fun. I should add that I am a former owner of a Mitt Romney watch which I had to send back to the manufacturer. With that watch, there was too much finger pointing and the hands would move in one direction and then unexpectedly completely reverse and go in the opposite direction. It did not work in Massachusetts either,I might add. In the end, Obama watches are much like Timex: Take a lickin’, keeps on tickin.’

    1. Thank you for your comments. They were very well received. When we decided to have a new sale every day, we could figure what to base it on. Sure the sun comes up every day, but we were looking for something even more dependable. Something we could count on to happen every day. That’s when we decided to have a “Mitt Romney changed his Mind” Sale> after all he’s changed his mind on women’s rights, health care, gun control, even London’s preparedness for the 2012 Olympics.

      We expect we’ll be able to count on Mitt to keep that change alive until election day.

      1. Nice watches!

        1. Brian,

          You are the best to stop by. You’re a good pal and a great ballplayer. Or maybe the other way around. Thanks. Jack

  2. Great site. Hope the watches sell well. I have one from the previous election. Its still ticking. Unlike the watch, Obama needs to start ticking by being more aggressive with the Repubs.

    1. Thanks, Ray. You probably paid $60 for your Obama watch in 2008. It’s now going for about $125. Not a bad return although I doubt you will ever want to sell it. It’s a historic reminder of a great event in American history> I agree that Obama should be more agressive with the Republicans. They’ve proven they not only will never compromise, they’re doing everything they can to disrupt Obama’s presidency even though the American people need help with a job’s bill, something Obama has been proposing for over a year now.

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