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President Obama vs. the Party of No!

From Day One, the Republican Congress had a singular agenda: Fight everything the President proposed, even if it was for the good of the country.

At every turn, Republicans used their Majority in the House to ensure that nothing the President sought for America ever saw the light of day. There has never been such unilateral opposition to a President from an opposing party in our history.

Nevertheless, the President has used the power of his office to achieve a few important victories:


President Obama and the American flag
President Obama’s agenda for America was thwarted at every turn by the Party of No.

1/29/2009 Equal Pay for Equal Work

3/30/2009 Saving the US Auto Industry

5/22/2009 Credit Card Reform

10/28/2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act

3/23/2010 Affordable Care Act

3/30/2010 Student Loan Reform

7/21/2010 Wall Street Reform

12/17/2010 Middle-Class Tax Cuts

12/22/2010 Repeal of “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.”

7/29/2011 Raising Fuel Efficiency Standards

12/18/2011 Ending the War in Iraq

Considering that the Party of No controlled the House of Representatives for the last four years and fought the President’s every move, it’s remarkable the President achieved all that he did.

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