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Best man for President of the US is the President of the US.

Even though I think President Obama will  win re-election, Mitt Romney could win the election. And that’s a scary thing.

Business would Trump (pun intended) the will of the people.

The Rich would get richer. The poor wood get poorer. Middle class people would suffer.

Women would lose their right to be in control of their own bodies.

Polluters and those who would harm the environment would have more power and influence  than environmentalists.

Equal rights for homosexuals would stall.

Science would take a back seat to religion.

The Best Man for President of the Unites States is the President of the United States

The military industrial complex would get bloated at the expense of nation building in America vote tomorrow for President Obama. Not just because of Romney’s negatives. But also because of the positive things he’s done (although I wish there were more of them) and for his courage and dedication to work for all Americans.

The best man for President of the United States is the President of the United States

So be sure to vote tomorrow. For President Obama.