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For Women Only. Never been a more important time to vote.

This blog post isn’t really just for women. But if you want men to do something, just tell them they can’t. Then stand back and watch them try.

This is a crucial time for women.
If Romney wins, no matter how many times he tries to deny it, he’ll begin the process that will extinguish women’s right to choose what to with with their own bodies. Oh, he says he doesn’t foresee changing any laws. Of course not, he won’t have to. But when he gets to appoint not one, but potentially two new Supreme Court Justices, well, it’ll be too late. We’ll go back to the repressive rule of law where the government makes choices better left to individuals.

But why am I going on and on when singer/songwriter Leslie Gore does such a much better job. This is a wonderful, uplifting, important video that every women should watch. Oh sure, men too. Don’t forget to leave me a Comment. I’ve been doing my job. Sadly, you haven’t been doing yours.

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