Original Obama Smiley Face Watch 2008


Limited Production Run: 5,000 watches. Buy one before they’re all gone.

ORDER EARLY. All watches ordered by December 10 will arrive before Christmas UNLESS we are sold out of the styles you ordered. If we are sold out, your money will be refunded.

And remember our ironclad Guarantee: All Obama Watches are Guaranteed to be more accurate than Donald Trump!

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The Original Limited Edition Obama Smiley Face
Obama Watch designed by Kevin Beck
Current Price: $125
Issue Price: $60
Year Issued: 2008
Limited Production: 400 Watches

Smiley Face

Legend has it (or a clever advertising man made it up) that in December 2007, the man who would eventually become President (of the Obama Watches Company) went to a birthday party wearing a brown Smiley Face watch supporting the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama for President. The next day, five friends called to say, “Where can I buy one of those Obama Watches?”

Since we produced the Original Obama Smiley Face Watch, Obama Watches has produced more than thirty different Obama Watches. Obama Watches are destined to become one of the most valuable political collectibles in recent history.

Limited Production Run: Less than 200 Original Obama Smiley Face Watches are left. Buy one now before they’re all gone.

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