Limited Edition Obama Watches Are Going, Going, Gone!

Don’t miss an opportunity to own a Limited Edition Obama Watch from the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. These important historical collectables are already in the Smithsonian. Obama Watches remind us of a time when our President offered hope, courage, honesty, empathy and leadership.

Protect yourself against the dark clouds of Tweetstorms that hang over America 24/7! Put Obama on your wrist and take your mind off you-know-who.

From now until Dec 10, we’ve reduced the prices on five popular Obama Watches. But hurry! Sales are truly limited for these Limited Edition Obama Watches.

2 months ago

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Watching President Obama's historic victory speech 9 years later will have you sobbing 'yes, we can' (via NowThis Politics)

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Fats Domino

Fats Domino

Fats Domino has passed. May he rest in peace. Music Legend Fats Domino has died, may he rest in peace. The rest of us are not resting, living under the dark shadows of Trump 24/7! Before he passed, Fats managed to post one last comment about the election...

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Obama Watches are not in the White House. Yes they are.

I was a split second away from handing the watches to Obama, and his hands were outstretched to receive them, when a member of the not-so Secret Service grabbed them out of my hands and wrestled them to the ground, covering my cheesy gold boxes that housed the Obama timepieces with their bodies to shield the crowd from any potential trouble.

Oh, OK, maybe I exaggerate.

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