Limited Edition Smiley Face 2012


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2012 Obama Watches

Limited Edition Smiley Face 2012
Obama Watch designed by Kevin Beck
Issue Price: $60
Year Issued: 2012

Current Price: $80
Limited Production: Under 200 watches

Legend has it (or a clever advertising man made it up) that in December 2007, the man who would eventually become President (of the Obama Watches Company) went to a birthday party wearing a brown Smiley Face watch supporting the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama for President. The next day, five friends called to say, “Where can I buy one of those Obama Watches?”

 And that’s how Obama Watches was born. Now, if you believe that, I’ve got a watch I want to sell you. 36 of ‘em, in fact!

  • Limited Production Run: Under 200 watches. Buy one before they’re all gone.

The Original Smiley Face Watch (2008) $80

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