Limited Edition Encore 2012


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2012 Obama Watches
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Extremely Limited Edition Encore 2012
An Obama People’s Watch designed by Marc Giles
Issue Price: $60
Current Price: $95
Limited Production: Under 125 watches

Here’s what designer Marc Giles said about the Limited Edition Encore 2012 watch:

“While Encore 2012 is pretty self explanatory, I chose to go with ‘Encore’, as opposed to something like ‘Re-Elect’, because it has a stronger design choice/feel.  I kept the design bold and simple bringing a younger and more artistic feel, yet not being overly trendy.

It’s retro-design use of almost stamped shapes as opposed to filters, and it’s youthful almost street-like stencil design will make this watch appreciated by youth and baby boomers alike.”

This watch is destined to become a valuable collectible. Less than 125 were produced! Extremely limited supply. It’s a great price at only $95.

Obama Watches  The watches museums collect!