Limited Edition Barack Around The Clock BLUE


This is the coolest Obama Watch ever! It is destined to become a valuable collectible.

Please Note: Because Obama Watches are currently even more popular than they were in 2008, it may take up 3 weeks for your Obama Watches to arrive. We are sorry for the inconvenience. And remember, all Obama Watches are “ Guaranteed to be more accurate than Donald Trump.”

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Limited Edition Barack Around the Clock BLUE
An Obama People’s watch Designed by David Cushnie Bell
Issue Price: $65
Year Issued: 2012
Current Price: $150
Limited Production: Under 500 watches

Who says supporting the president can’t be fun? That was the catalyst behind the creation of David Cushnie Bell’s Barack Around the Clock watch. A kid at heart, some of David’s largest artistic inspirations stem from his inner child, and continues to influence his design and illustration work today.

Don’t like it in Blue?  See it in Baby Blue.

It’s also available in Red.

This is the coolest Obama Watch ever! Since it was first introduced, it has more than doubled in price and it’s destined to keep rising

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