Barack Around The Clock Baby Blue

Limited Edition Barack Around The Clock BABY BLUE


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2012 Obama Watches

Limited Edition Barack Around The Clock BABY BLUE   
An Obama People’s Watch designed by David Bell
Issue Price: $60
Year Issued: 2002
Current Price: $95
Limited Production: Under 200 watches

The best selling Obama Watch, Barack Around the Clock, is also available in BABY BLUE. The star studded President sports a Mona Lisa-like smile and the hippest sunglasses this side of the Left Coast. The watch has doubled in price since it was first introduced.

Nobody needs a watch anymore to tell time. This watch tells the world you’re cool under pressure and ready to rule the Free World.

The Barack Around the Clock BABY BLUE Obama Watch is destined to become a valuable collectible. Limited Production run of under 200 watches!

Obama Watches  The watches museums collect!